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A Peep into Void

How did the universe come into being? What banged in the so-called Big Bang? Are the methods of science adequate for a complete understanding of reality? How are the seemingly different entities—like space, time, matter, and energy—related to one another? Is there a common thread that runs through them? How can the elusive entity of consciousness be explained?
If you have been curious about these questions, A Peep into Void will be of interest to you. It covers a wide range of questions and makes an attempt to answer them through disciplines as diverse as physics and mathematics, logic and philosophy, quantum theory and consciousness, and so on. With a childlike curiosity, author Durgatosh Pandey leads you to answers about the origin of the universe and traces it to nothingness or zero. It is the reinterpretation of zero or nothingness that is the central theme of this book in its quest of understanding the reality. A Peep into Void is a chronicle of the evolution of the Pandey’s thoughts from split of zero to infinite instability of zero, which is the secret behind the origin and existence of the universe.

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