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Director (Surgical Oncology) at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

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Dr. Durgatosh Pandey - MS (Surgery), DNB (Surgery), M.Ch (Surgical Oncology)

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About Dr. Durgatosh Pandey
Director (Surgical Oncology) at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

The intuitive decision making and the vast experience of Dr. Durgatosh Pandey has saved the life of many cancer patients who were at the end stage and were refused by all the doctors to be operated. His belief, that he has to give his best karma for treating the cancer patient has proven a life saver for many lifes.

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World Record by Dr. Durgatosh Pandey

NEW DELHI: A 55-kg malignant tumour has been removed from the body of a 26-year-old patient, who had been bedridden for over two years in a life threatening condition, at a city hospital. 
Doctors at Max Hospital (Saket), who conducted the surgery on the patient Gurmeet Singh from Jalandhar, said he was in this condition for the last seven years. 
"It was a life threatening condition as the tumour, on his right thigh, was malignant. It was so huge that it extended from the right femur of the patient to the pelvic bone," Dr Durgatosh Pandey of the surgical oncology department of the hospital said. 

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News : NDTV
Date : 27/10/2015

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 Dr. Durgatosh is the best oncologist and cancer doctor in Delhi with more than 12 years of experience in surgical oncology. Dr. Durgatosh has developed various clinical & surgical techniques and protocol for management of complex cancers. He has received 10+ national and international awards for the contribution he has been doing towards the society since last 18 years. More than 250 cancer patients have been treated under the supervision of the best cancer doctor in India.

Dr. Durgatosh Pandey’s area of expertise in cancer treatment is Decision making in oncology, Special expertise in thoracic cancers, Special expertise in gastrointestinal cancers, Lung cancer, esophageal cancer, Gallbladder and pancreatic cancers, liver cancer and much more. Dr. Durgatosh Pandey is the best cancer specialist providing the cancer treatment in Delhi/Gurgaon.

More than 250 cancer patients have been treated under the supervision of the best cancer doctor in India in the best cancer hospital in Delhi NCR by Dr. Durgatosh Pandey.

Cancer can be cured if you find the right doctor at a right time. Dr. Durgatosh Pandey provides best pancreatic Cancer treatment. He is the best doctor for pancreatic surgery, cure for pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cancer chemotherapy. He provides treatment and surgery for tumors in the pancreatic head, surgery for tumors in the pancreatic body and tail, surgery to remove the entire pancreas, surgery for tumors affecting nearby blood vessels.

 Dr. Durgatosh is the best oncologist and cancer doctor in Delhi. He provides best liver cancer treatment and surgery to remove the tumor, Liver transplant surgery, Heating cancer cells, Freezing cancer cells, Injecting alcohol into the tumor, Injecting chemotherapy drugs into the liver, placing beads filled with radiation in the liver. He provides best radiation treatment for liver cancer cure.

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