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Kenyan woman denied to be treated by Several doctors around the world, We took her case and we saved her life

Cancer surgeries require comprehensive care, commitment, decades of experience and an invincible spirit from the cancer specialists. It not only demands innovation but a fresh way of thinking too. Few months back, we came across a shocking case of a woman hailing from overseas. A story of an old woman from Kenya who was undergoing many health problems and was almost incapacitated before she was hospitalised in India. A pernicious disease, HIV AIDS was constantly crumpling her life since last six months when later she was diagnosed with Esophagus Cancer.

The woman was suffering to such an extent that she was ready to seek help of doctors from around the globe. Renowned doctors from Kenya denied operating her case as she was already suffering from a fatal disease HIV/AIDS. Her condition became progressively worse when was unable to eat or swallow anything. She finally decided to seek help from Artemis Hospital (Gurgaon) where I along with my team of professionals analysed her complete case. Her case was becoming hideously serious and despite of knowing the very true fact that her chances of survival would go very low, we finally decided to accept the challenge wholeheartedly. Later, the several diagnostic tests concluded that the woman is suffering from Advanced Esophageal Cancer which required a sophisticated surgery (esophagectomy).

Normally, in esophagectomy, a part of the esophagus or the entire esophagus is removed. The lymph nodes near the esophagus and the stomach is also removed during this operation. But in this patient, it was done with radical lymph node dissection (the surgical removal of one or more groups of lymph nodes). The surgery was performed for long hours and came out to be a grand success. Its due to our years of profound expertise, we could remove the affected section of esophagus. After two weeks of the surgery, the patient was able to eat and swallow normally. She was then advised for Chemotherapy.

With her undying spirit and being so aged the woman fought with her problems and came forward to find help for herself. Her efforts led her to move from Kenya to India when all the doctors (Oncologists) denied and left no hope for her turning into a normal human being. Me with my team of Artemis Hospital believed in the spirit of the patient and helped her by taking her case and giving a new ray of hope to her life.

A sense of satisfaction and relief came to this woman as the expertise and confidence in our field helped to restore this patient’s life back to normal.